The dream is still up there for the taking, waiting for you to reach it, waiting for you to be worth, waiting for you.. the best you.

Waiting for you to be serious enough

Waiting for you to pull your sleeves up

Waiting for you to study your ass off

Waiting for you to leave your comfort

Waiting for you to have confidence on yourself

Waiting for you not to be a cry baby

Waiting for you not thinking that you are a fool

Waiting for you not waiting for luck

This is an early reminder, mother said “it’s okay, you’ve tried, and you are still young, there’s still a lot ahead of you”


Yes of course it’s hard, what are you expect?

But, it’s up there

You had done it before

Since you were a kid

When they are laughing about it

You had proved that you can

Not to prove them that they are wrong

But, to prove to yourself that you are right

Right about how you live in this world and how you see the world


You reached every checkpoint so far

Every step of the ladder requires sacrifices and perseverance

Every step of the ladder lead you to a virtue

And this is no different

Maybe the level of the ladder is so distant this time

Or maybe it needs a leap

That makes it harder and you have to swim blood for it

You are not cleverly gifted

And the consequence is you have to work double times harder

Like how it should be right?

And that’s what you had been done all this time right?

Work harder than the smart one

It is a piece of cake for them maybe, your dream

But, since it means a lot for you

What are you gonna do about it?

It’s up there Hanging..

Waiting for you to reach the level


As Martin Luther King Jr. once said “we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”

because “nothing is impossible, it just beyond our present knowledge






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