Everything has a name now. Everything has come in to some group, section or class. Divided to some category. Politics, religion, race, ideology, movement. If you’re this, you in to this. If you are that, you in to that. It’s become something to know when you meet new people, and it’s also thing’s that makes your relations lasts or not. People start to filter with whom they are interact. Making a small circle of people. Once you are different with them, they start to put a stamp on you and it will stick until the time that has not been decide.

Can we be just a human.

Some feel strong when they are in numbers. Some feel strong when they are in their groups. They feel strong, they feel power. At this point, people tend to misuse they power. They start to feel better than others and start discriminate others. Refuse the nature that we are born different. They never live as a minority, that they are want to make all people uniform with them. Agreed their ideology, accept their God, they who have a different point of view in politics and different race have to go, or must gone. whatever it takes.

Can we be just a human.

Take care of ourselves. Because in the end, we are all alone. We are responsible for our own self. Our virtues and our sins. Good and bad. Because we’ll have a presentation appointment with God about it, about how we live in this world. Our benevolence, our kindness, our prejudice, our prayer, our religion, our faith, our behavior. Those are things that will help us in front of almighty God. Not your group or friends or maybe bestfriend even family or your loved ones. You are all alone.

Can we be just a human.

Too many people listens to others, that they forget to listens to themselves, their heart. If you feel power when you are in group, you seek power to the wrong source. However how much power that you felt, there’s always the one that more powerful than you. Humility. Seek power to your god, for the good of yourself.

The power that make you feel peace, not to discriminate.

The power when you felt loved by your God, that you start caring others.

The power to share love because you know you got much from your God, that you dare to share it to others.

We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Can we be just a human.

Which is more selfish?

A: He take care of himself. Buy himself precious things, things that he like, things that make him happy. He spoiled himself, he reward himself for what he worked for.

B: He cares about others very much, that he want the world live as he is. He care about others religion. He care about what others wearing. He care about what others buying.

C: He have a lot of money. He live his own life. So, he act whatever he wants. He don’t care about A or B. Often his behavior causing some effect on others. Physically or mentally. Seen or not seen. Outside or inside. good or bad.

Can we be just a human.

Not from this group. Not from that class. But, a human. We have a difference, but we are no different. Respect. Stop being felt so powerful, stop being felt so righteous, stop being felt better than others.

Can we be just a human.

Embrace difference, because God created us like this.

Helping each other out, because we are all powerless, and there’s God whose more powerful than all of us.

Care and love each others, because you can’t show hatred if you know what you are got, when God hate you.

Can we be, just a human?.


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